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Memories of Marple with Barbara Hambleton

Memories of Marple with Barbara Hambleton

Barbara Hambleton

This is a video from Marple Local History Society's archives of Barbara Hambleton talking about her memories of Marple and Marple Bridge. It was recorded in 1996 by Gordon Mills and was converted from VHS tape to digital format by The Marple Website in March 2011. In February 2020 it has been uploaded to Youtube and migrated to the new website.

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Memories of Albert Schools

Rose Queen ceremony in The Albert SchoolsThree generations of a Marple family in whose lives The Albert Schools played an integral part

Built as a Sunday Schools for the Congregational Church on Hibbert Lane in 1866, just a year or so after the Church itself was built in 1865, The Albert Schools played a large part in the lives of my grandfather, my parents and my aunt, and myself, siblings and cousins.

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John Stanhope Collings-Wells V.C. D.S.O.


John Stanhope Collings-Wells DC DSO

Lt. Colonel Aged 37 Years.
4th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, 190th Brigade, 63rd Royal Naval Division.

KIA : 27 March 1918

Marple's only Victoria Cross recipient was born in Manchester on 19th July 1880. Initially his connection with the village was obscure, but on investigation there is no doubt as to the validity of his inclusion on the War Memorial.

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Marple HallMarple Hall is probably Marple's greatest historical loss. If it had survived a few more years it may have become a tourist attraction like Bramhall Hall but sadly that was not to be and all we can do today is speculate what might have been. However, at least you can at least take a Guided Tour of the hall through these pages and learn something about the incredible history that helped shape the community we live in today and discover a few relics that people managed to save.

Samuel Oldknow's Mellor LodgeSamuel Oldknow came to this district in 1787 and remained for over 40 years, until his death at the age of 72. During this time he changed the face of Marple beyond all recognition, being the chief architect and driving force in the development and industrialisation of the area. Along with his mill at Mellor he was responsible for the building of roads, bridges, coal mines and housing for his workers. He was also instrumental in the construction of the Peak Forest Canal. A monument to him, placed in the Church he built to replace the old Chapel that had become too small for the expanding community, gives a clear indication of his standing and influence.

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