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The Marple Website is proud to have been involved in or supported numerous community projects since it began in 1998. The more recent ones are detailed here. Older projects can still be found on the original Marple Website and will gradually be migrated to this section as time allows.

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Marple Community Hub

Time to engage with Council on New Community Hub

Last night (12 March) members of Friends of Marple Memorial Park, Marple Civic Society, Marple Neighbourhood Plan and the Scouts attended a “Marple Pool Visioning Session” for groups with links to Memorial Park to contribute our ideas and have our say on how this project should be shaped. It's now time for the whole community to do the same.

Marple Pool Visioning Session 12 March 2020

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Marple Skatepark Phase II

Marple Skatepark Phase II start on site less than a month away! The full story....

Once again things have taken far longer than we'd hoped and expected but following a pre-start meeting with Canvas Spaces yesterday (10 March 2020), Friends of Memorial Park are now in a position to announce that Marple Skatepark Phase II construction will begin early next month.

Marple Skatepark Phase II

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Marple Poppy Appeal 2019

2019 Marple Poppy Appeal reaches £19,068!

In a small award ceremony on Saturday 12 December the Team presented Certificates of Merit as a small token of thanks to the Scouts, Guides and Air Cadets who do such a great job collecting for during the campaign. It's nice to show our appreciation to these young people as they are a credit to our community. The awards were presented by the Mayor of Stockport.

Poppy Appeal Presentation

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Climate Crisis in Marple

Report on Climate Crisis in Marple Event

Climate Crisis in Marple

Marple, Mellor and Marple Bridge Energy Saving Strategy (MESS), staged the “Climate Crisis in Marple’ event (At Marple Sixth Form College on 29th September 2019) bringing over 270 people together to look at the causes and effects of Climate Change on our environment. And, more importantly what we can all do to halt the destruction of our planet. Four young people took the platform to speak passionately about their concerns for nature and wildlife saying, “Nature is a beautiful and glorious thing and it is our duty to take care of the world”.

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Happy to Chat Bench

Marple's "Happy to Chat" Benches

Following discussions on the Marple Community Hub Facebook page in September 2019, the Marple Website teamed up with Friends of Marple Memorial Park to create the first Marple "Happy to Chat Bench" on Derby Way. This bench, refurbished by Friends of the Park, was chosen as the first location in Marple because the idea is supported by Wayne Eric Wood, owner of Mr. Chips on Derby Way, and he has said he'll be happy to chat to anyone who sits there and would like to talk. In November 2019 a second bench was created in Marple Memorial Park.

Happy to Chat Bench in Marple Memorial Park

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