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Who was I? CampaignThe Marple Poppy Appeal was revitalised in 2017 with the arrival of new team leader Kevin Murray, who had some great ideas about how to raise the profile of the appeal and to make commemorations more personal to the local community. In that year the team arranged for 46 large Street Poppies to be put on lampposts in Marple, Marple Bridge and Compstall bearing the names of the men listed on the Marple War Memorial killed 100 years earlier in 1917.

This was well received and in 2018 Kevin and his team raised the bar by organising 198 street poppies to represent all the local men from Marple, Marple Bridge, Mellor, Compstall and High Lane who lost their lives serving their country during WWI. They also published “Who was I?” cards to encourage local people to find out more about individual names on the local war memorials by using the Timeline in Marple Memorial Park.

In 2019 the team went even further by honouring all the local men fallen from the beginning of WW1 to the present day by putting up 264 street poppies throughout Marple and District. All Street Poppies carried individual names and dates of death, which we believe may be unique to Marple.

In 2020, despite the restrictions of the global Covid19 pandemic, the Marple Poppy Appeal Team repeated their success by creating “Walls of Remembrance” in Marple Memorial Park, Compstall, Mellor and Mill Brow featuring the names of the 267 local men who have fallen.

In 2021 the Marple Poppy Appeal bounced back to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the RBL Poppy Appeal with an incredible Ride of Remembrance featuring 100 motorbikes, repeated the "Walls of Remembrance" in four locations and shattered fund-raising records to date.

The Street Poppies are sponsored by local people and local businesses as part of the wider Poppy Appeal and from 2017 to 2021 the Marple Team has raised an astounding total of £94,883 for the Royal British Legion. Read more about how they achieved this below.

Marple Poppy Appeal 2022

Marple Poppy Appeal 2022

The Marple Poppy Appeal Team has achieved remarkable success over the last five years since being reinvigorated by retired businessman Kevin Murray in 2017. Thanks to Kevin's new ideas and the generosity of the Marple Community they have raised an astounding £94,883 for the Royal British Legion in the intervening period. There seems no doubt they will take that to six figures this year!

Ride of Remembrance 2022

Even in 2020, despite the restrictions imposed by the global Covid19 pandemic, the Marple Poppy Appeal Team found new ways to succeed without selling poppies by creating “Walls of Remembrance” in Marple Memorial Park, Compstall, Mellor and Mill Brow. This has quickly become a new tradition, as the Ride of Remembrance may also do too following such a successful introduction in 2021.

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Marple Poppy Appeal 2020

Marple Poppy Appeal 2020 raises £12,079.75!

Final update from the Marple Poppy Appeal Team...

The final news for 2020 is that despite the fact there were no poppies to sell, there were no collection pots out in shops, pubs, restaurants etc. and despite having to shut down the Asda stand on Wednesday evening 4th November, loosing Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which are historically the busiest days, the Marple Poppy Appeal Team still managed to collect £12,079.75p, which is absolutely amazing!

Wall of Remembrance in Marple Memorial Park

Well done to the Marple Poppy Appeal Team and everyone who sponsored, donated or helped.

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Marple Poppy Appeal 2019

2019 Marple Poppy Appeal reaches £19,068!

In a small award ceremony on Saturday 12 December the Team presented Certificates of Merit as a small token of thanks to the Scouts, Guides and Air Cadets who do such a great job collecting for during the campaign. It's nice to show our appreciation to these young people as they are a credit to our community. The awards were presented by the Mayor of Stockport.

Poppy Appeal Presentation

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Marple Poppy Appeal 2018

Marple Poppy Appeal 2018

This weekend you will see almost 200 Street Poppies appearing on the lampposts of Marple, Marple Bridge, Compstall, Mellor and High Lane as the Marple Poppy Appeal commemorates 198 men from the district who lost their lives during WWI.

The Marple Website is proud to be one of the first sponsors of Marple's Street Poppies in 2018 with a donation of £50 to the Marple Poppy Appeal.

The Friends of Marple Memorial Park have erected 20 poppies commemorating men with links to the park - mainly the Carver family and men who worked at Hollins Mill before going to war. Other volunteers, including Marple Firefighters, have been out erecting poppies in the main streets of the area.

If you would like to sponsor the Street Poppies in support of the appeal then please get in touch via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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