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Marple and Mellor Calendar 2005

We though our third calendar was probably our best yet, as we continued to learn from our past experiences and take better photographs. Having said that, the format and quality were exactly the same and we managed to keep the price exactly the same too. We hoped that our latest offering would reach as many corners of the world as the last two did and continue to showcase the delights that Marple and Mellor have to offer.

2005 Calendar Cover - M. Whittaker

January - Mellor Hills - P.Clarke

February - Old Stones Cottage - M.Whittaker

March - Lime Kilns - M.Whittaker

April - Easter Boats - M.Whittaker

May - Lock 7 Ducks - P.Clarke

June - Otterspool Bridge - M.Whittaker

July - RYF’s Show - M.Whittaker

August - Ridge Horses - P.Clarke

September - Mellor Track – M.Whittaker

October - Longshaw Clough - M.Whittaker

November - Canal Gold - M.Whittaker

December - Etherow Geese – M.Whittaker

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