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Marple and Mellor Calendar 2003

The production of our first calendar was probably our biggest challenge photographically, technically and financially. We had to reach a compromise between what we wanted to produce, what we could afford and how many we thought we could sell; at one stage we briefly considered giving up! Thankfully we didn't, because we were very pleased with the end result and the success that it enabled us to build on in future years.

2003 Calendar Cover - M. Whittaker

January - Canal Reflections - M.Whittaker

February - Frost on The Ridge - M.Whittaker

March - Bluebells in Brabyns - P.Clarke

April - Canal Daffodils - S. Clarke

May - Mellor Daisies - P.Clarke

June - Carnival Parade - M.Whittaker

July - Mellor Hall - M.Whittaker

August - Swan on Keg Pool - M.Whittaker

September - Marple Hall - M.Whittaker

October - Autumn Reflections - M.Whittaker

November - Marple Wreath - M.Whittaker

December - Snow on Roman Bridge - P.Clarke

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