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Marple and Mellor Calendars raised £4,700 for local causes

The Marple and Mellor Calendar was published by Marple Promotions / The Marple Website between 2003 and 2010. Profits from the calendar and from Marple Promotions other activities were used to fund the Marple Website's running costs but from 2006 there was a surplus that allowed us to support a number of local causes that we believed to be worthy.

Donations ranged between £500 and £1,200 a year with a grand total of £4,700 handed over to local causes by March 2010, when Marple Promotions ceased trading.

To learn more about where the money was donated and how it was used visit the individual calendar pages by clicking on the covers displayed below or via the links in the navigation menus.

Marple and Mellor Calendars 2003 - 2010

2010 Marple and Mellor Calendar2009 Marple and Mellor Calendar2008 Marple and Mellor Calendar2007 Marple and Mellor Calendar2006 Marple and Mellor Calendar2005 Marple and Mellor Calendar2004 Marple and Mellor Calendar2003 Marple and Mellor Calendar

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