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Iron Bridge Plaque Relocation

Removal and refitting of the Iron Bridge Bronze Plaque

Update April 2020:

In November 2019 the Friends of Brabyns Park submitted a grant application to the Manchester Airport Fund towards a project to refurbish the Iron Bridge Viewing Platform. It was considered by the fund's trustees in January and they asked the group for further information. This was provided at the end of January but unfortunately the application was refused in late April 2020. We believe, despite our best efforts, we struggled to give the trustees a full understanding of the project aims.

As well as repairs to the platform and new railings to fill the gap and remount the plaque, the group plan walks and talks to encourage people to to see the bridge and the plaque, and also to learn more about the history and wildlife of the whole of Brabyns Park. They even hope to re-issue the Discovery Trail Leaflet that was produced as part of the Iron Bridge Restoration Project several years ago.

There is a commitment from Stockport MBC to provide some of the funding for the major works, and the Friends of Brabyns will also contribute through their existing funds. The Marple Website has made a donation of £100 to this project and if you would like to make a donation too, you can do so via the Friends of Brabyns Park's page in the Community Directory.

The Friends Group is being supported by local freelance funder-raiser Anne-Louise Black and they will welcome any groups (e.g. schools, Scouts, Guides etc) who might want to get involved in this wider project, and encourage them to get in touch too.

The background story

As many people will know, the Marple Website was the driving force behind the restoration of the Iron Bridge in Brabyns Park. This lengthy project began in 2001 and was completed in 2008. Those unfamiliar with the story can read more on the old web site: The Iron Bridge Restoration Project.

Brabyns Iron Bridge and the Bronze Plaque

A late addition to the project was the permanent viewing platform built around the stump of what was once a huge beech tree on the bank near to the bridge. This came about due to the sad demise of that fantastic looking tree, which was estimated to be around 350 years old. Unfortunately it was damaged during a storm over the winter of 2006/7, when a large section of it was blown down. Thankfully it didn't hit the bridge, otherwise the project would have been over before work started.

The storm damage revealed that the whole tree was in a dangerous condition and it was removed for us by local tree surgeon Myers Tree Care. Afterwards we decided to make a feature of the remaining stump - it was carved with wildlife figures for us by tree sculptor Andrew Frost - and the bronze plaque we'd created to explain the story of the bridge was mounted on it. At first a temporary timber viewing platform was built around the stump because we didn't have enough money for the permanent platform and railings we had worked with the council to design.

The Tree Stump on Friday 22 February 2019

We eventually managed to raise the £16,391 needed for the permanent platform by reallocating some unspent funds from the original project, adding a £2,500 Community Award we had won for our efforts to restore the bridge, plus a contribution of £1,143 from SMBC and £250 from Marple Civic Society.

The viewing platform was finally completed in December 2011 and it looked great. The final touch was completed almost a year later, in October 2012, when the wind-up listening post was installed.

Gradual decay over the years

As with any tree stump that remains in the ground, gradual decay set-in. This was a concern that was considered at the time but we chose to go ahead anyway and were really pleased with the result. However, in the last couple of years the stump has deteriorated badly and in 2018 a dialogue was begun with Friends of Brabyns Park and then the Council about what needs to be done to ensure that the decaying of the stump does not result in the loss of the bronze plaque.

The Tree Stump on Friday 22 February 2019

Progress so far.....

The council removed the plaque in March 2019 and it is now in safe storage at the Brabyns Park depot. In June 2019 the council ground away the remains of the stump for us, which enabled their engineers to specify the ground works needed. This includes the supply and installation of steel lintels to carry new stonework and coping to match original across the gap and to renew the decking.

The other key element of work is to create a new section of railings to span the area between the existing railings, where the stump used to be. This new section of railings will also include brackets for the mounting of the bronze plaque. The railings will be a bespoke mild steel galvanised (and painted white) fabrication that will be made for us by local Metal Artist Wayne Chaisty. Wayne has worked on a number of other projects with the Marple Website and Friends of Memorial Park including the Coronation Bench in the Park, the Jubilee Sculpture in front of the library and the Lock Gates on Oldknow Gardens (known as Lock 17). Wayne also created the Nativity Sculptures that appear on Market Street each Christmas, so his work is well know to most people in the town.

In July 2019 there was a visit to the site and to see the plaque in storage with Wayne, and with Jackie Collins from Friends of Brabyns Park. Wayne was able to confirm the provisional price he had already given to supply and install the railings once the ground works are completed.

What happens next

The next big step is funding the project. In June 2019 Friends of Brabyns Park submitted a grant application to the Stockport Local Fund but this was unsuccessful.

In November 2019 the group submitted a grant application to the Manchester Airport Fund but this was unsuccessful.

Watch this space for further news!

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