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Marple Covid-19 and Your Sewing Machine Needs You!

Currently we are all living in very strange and challenging times, with lots of uncertainty for the future. But in these difficult times it has been amazing how much goodwill, acts of kindness and love is being shown on a day to day basis. The UK has amazing front line workers who unselfishly give so much to everyone. It truly is everyday “Service Above Self” – the Rotary motto.

Of course, due to lockdown our members have not been able to meet as usual, but we have started to “meet” every week via zoom, which is working very well. We have been keeping in touch on a one to one basis also. Just a 5 or 10 minute chat makes a big difference to those self-isolating.

The club has been contacting all the local volunteer to see if they are in need of any support in their work. In connection with the Covid19 crisis we have donated funds to both Marple Covid19 Mutual-Aid Group and to a group in Marple called Your Sewing Machine Needs You (that's their collage below) who are sewing much needed scrubs.

Your Sewing Machine Needs You

One of our members has also been able to donate scrubs to the NHS from their business.

Unfortunately, the club membership is of the “wrong” age group to be able to physically help at this time apart from each of us keeping in touch with family, friends, neighbours and fellow members.

Let’s hope that once we have come safely through the pandemic, the world is much more understanding of others and is a more tolerant and loving place to live.

Stay safe – we have much to be thankful for!

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