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Saturday 20th April 1968 - Millers Dale to Buxton

(The fare recorded against each name for this day is 2/6 (two shillings and six pence - or 12 ½ p))

The following members met at the school gates to board the bus for Millers Dale:

FR Mason  Andrew Barwell   Chris Gorman   Hilary Andrew
L M Mason   Daniel McGookin   Phil Towell   Mary Boothroyd 
R Booth   Brenda Sutcliffe   Rex Woolley   Graham Davenport 
Hugh Wheeldon   Jillian Bradley   Noel Flunder   David Stafford 
Sean Jenner  Barbara Cable   Trevor Wild   Eric O'Neill 
Brian Stafford   Julie Flunder   Donald Ingham   

After many months a return was made to the limestone country. The route chosen this day was from Miller's Dale, through Chee Dale, crossing the A6 road into Dee Dale for a couple of miles, then up the side and by field paths to Buxton.

We arrived at Miller's Dale in good time and soon set off through Chee Dale; we noticed other school groups about, and it seemed that the majority did not know where to go.

Our group set off happily into Chee Dale in lovely sunny weather. The first mile or so alongside the river is largely sylvan country, the valley being fairly wide, green and wooded; this continued as far as Wormhill Springs.

Crossing the stream at Wormhill Springs, we entered the narrow and exciting length of the gorge. In this part we enjoyed the narrow path, first skirting precipitous drops and then wending beneath towering overhanging limestone cliffs. Everyone enjoyed this part, especially the two stretches of stepping stones and the narrow path along the deep swift part of the gorge. The footbridge just beyond this part is in poor condition, one beam being completely rotted through - we crossed the bridge safely.

WW1962-018 an image from 1962
WW1962-017 an image from 1962

Where the valley opens out we stopped for a spell - no rest was needed as the going was so easy. Restarting, we followed the metalled track to cross the A6 road by the quarry. The quarry is a disgusting mess, stretching over about a quarter mile of the valley, where everything is coated with white-grey dust and the ground littered with discarded tyres, frames and old unwanted machinery. A shocking sight.

We were all pleased to be clear of the filthy shameful mess - the sign of progress - and continue up the valley to the caves. Here we stayed for lunch and for some time during which we explored the big cave (a little) and scrambled on the limestone edges. Eventually we continued up the dale, Chris and a couple of others traversing the LH (left hand) side, and Mr M on the other side to film them. In fact the film was all used up.

At the junction of the dales we climbed up the side and on to the fields, after skirting the edge of the gorge for a few hundred yards. From this point it was largely a matter of steering by compass between stiles until we neared Buxton.

After an ice or drink, as preferred, we moved on to the station and so to New Mills and Marple. A pleasant, but not very exciting, day.

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