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Saturday 26th November 1965 - Dunford Bridge to Tintwistle

Planned route: Dunford Bridge, Crowden, Tintwistle.

Those taking part were:

Kevin James   Stephen Smith   Eric O'Neill   Chris Gorman 
Peter Wilson  Phil Towel  Brenda Cauldwell  Chris Ridgway
John Boothroyd   H Sinclair   Nick Grundy   Eric Crossley 
Ben Wayling   Simon James   Robert Wiltshire   Dennis Kidd 
Nick Hassel   Phil Parker   Mary Boothroyd   
Stephen Morris   Paul Buxcey   Michael Thornton   Leaders 
Simon Andrew   Chris McCarthy   A Kirkman   F R Mason 
David Ashley   Leslie Priestnall   Andrew Hill   T F Mason 
Neil Crawford   Maurice Kime   Paul Mallett   R Booth 
Stephen Wood   Bill Grundy   Michael Ash  Colin Booth 

On the way out by bus we stopped at Crowden to check on the boundary of the access area; found that the area does not extend to Dunford Bridge.

Stopped the bus at the Dunford Bridge fork and from there set course approx 290o for the 1st tunnel ventilating shaft. As we started heavy snow commenced and the icy wind increased to gale force; it was grim.

WW1965-024 ‘it was grim’
WW1965-024 It was grim

When we struggled up to the ventilating shaft and rested, it was discovered that several youngsters had no head protection and no gloves. These lads just could not have survived for long; fortunately gloves and head protection were found for them.

Progress was very slow as the snow was deep over ground covered with great tufty hummocks of grass.

The weather improved as we approached Little Intake, where we stopped in a sheltered spot for lunch. After lunch we climbed out of the valley across a long stretch of Moor, finally to drop down to the Holmfirth Road. Here we stopped to ascertain if some wished to break off and complete the journey along the road - several were tempted, but not enough to warrant the split.

We then dropped down to the river and clawed our way up the long steep slope on the other side, rested a while at the top, and then headed towards Crowden.

By this time the weather was clear and sunny, but very cold, but we enjoyed fine views of snow-covered Beaklow and Longdendale. However, as we approached Crowden we realised that we could not make Tintwistle over the tops by dark - we had averaged only just over 1mph across the snow. Dark clouds were building up in the west, threatening more snow.

WW1965-025 Longdendale
WW1965-025 Longdendale

WW1965-026 We enjoyed fine views of snow-covered Bleaklow and Longdendale
WW1965-026 We enjoyed fine views of snow-covered Bleaklow and Longdendale

Finally we dropped into the valley and joined the rough path passing the range and so down to Crowden YH. Here we stayed awhile before walking on towards Tintwhistle along the road.

Darkness had fallen well before we reached Tintwistle - we could not possibly have made it over the top in daylight. In any case many of the party were exhausted by continued cold and ploughing through the snow.

We filled the top deck of a bus to Glossop from Tintwistle; the conductor of this bus was kind enough to arrange a ‘duplicate' to take us from Glossop to Marple. It is nice to meet these good natured folk.

Had some litter trouble while waiting for the bus at Tintwistle - this weakness must be cured.

(in a pupils writing is added ‘The female sex was morally supported by 3 girls')

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