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16th October 1965 - Woodhead to Hayfield

Route: Woodhead, near Black Clough, near to Bleaklow Stones, cross Snake Road, Featherbed Moss, Mill Hill, William Clough, Kinder Reservoir, Hayfield.

Members present:

Julian McIntosh (MH)  Penny Hodson   William Smith   K Rawson
Colin Booth (ex)  Valerie Maxey   Paul Mallett   M Bates 
Laura Booth   Stephen Farrell   Stephen Priestnall  Beryl Goodale 
Linda Adlem   Tony Leach   Ian Henderson   Graham Renshaw 
Graham Booth  Robert Wiltshire  Mike Robinson  Stephen Morris 
Mary Boothroyd  Chris Gorman  Ian Ellison  John Durham 
Julie Flunder  Bill Grundy  Eric Crossley  Ben Wayling 
Susan Pemberton  Andrew Mason  Terry Critchlow  Neil Hassel
Susan Nolan  Mike Wright   Frank Frost   Jimmy Fox 
Angela Henderson   Peter Wilson   Francis Isherwood   Mr Ron Booth 
Paul Buxsey   Andrew Hill   Phil Parker   Mr F R Mason
Chris Duckworth  John Boothroyd  Michael Thornton   

This large party proceeded to Woodhead by hired bus - this is a new move; one way bus travel to extend our range at minimum extra cost.

The morning was fine and warm for the season of the year - scarcely a cloud in the sky. After roll call we set course along the Etherow for a short distance before turning right up Black Clough; surely the loveliest of all approaches to Bleaklow.

WW1965-021 Black Clough
WW1965-021 Black Clough

WW1965-022 Black Clough, from Woodhead to Bleaklow
WW1965-022 Black Clough, from Woodhead to Bleaklow

WW1965-023 Black Clough, from Woodhead to Bleaklow
WW1965-023 Black Clough, from Woodhead to Bleaklow

Met a young man and woman resting in the sun - they were staggered to encounter our swarm of youngsters in such a remote place.

Where the clough finally levels out on to the wilderness of Bleaklow we stopped for lunch and basked in warm sunshine, more reminiscent of high summer than mid-October. Here we stayed for close on an hour before pressing on across the peat bogs and groughs to a high point about a quarter' mile from Bleaklow Stones.

From this point we continued near the head of Alport over rough undulating country towards Doctor's Gate. Part of our group deviated somewhat on to higher ground - Higher Shelf Stones, as we headed across the upper part of Crooked Clough towards the Roman Road near Doctor's Gate. We eventually reached the Snake Road after a final quarter mile of swampy moorland.

Met three Sheffield boys as we dallied a while on the Snake Road who were inclined to be boastful and belittle Kinder and Bleaklow. It was noticed that they left us along the road, not across the moor.

The journey continued across Featherbed Moss towards Mill Hill; this is a long trek, the first part being boggy and cut up by numerous groughs. Found and buried some litter on this path - a long muddy stretch. Many of the youngsters were tiring when we reached Mill Hill, but were full of cheer and high spirits on sighting Kinder Reservoir as we descended into William Clough.

We stretched out along half the length of William Clough as ‘old timers' hurried to catch the train at Hayfield while the less fit, tired and weary, straggled behind. A halt was called at the usual spot near the Reservoir, at the top of Horrible Hill. Then those in a hurry were allowed to forge ahead, while the leaders waited for the stragglers.

Seventeen of our number boarded the earlier train, the remainder a later one. All reached Marple safely after one of our most successful rambles.


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