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17th September 1965 - Ringing Roger

Route: Edale, Ringing Roger. Grindsbrook Head, Kinder Downfall, Kinder Brook, Kinder Reservoir, Hayfield.

Those taking part were:

Gillian Booth   S Hurley   Mike Wright   S Knowles  
Laura Booth   Bill Grundy   Paul Mallett   Mike Eccles 
Ian Henderson Robert Wiltshire   Phil Jackson   Stephen Morris 
Linda Adlem   Neil Crawford   Howard Hughes   Phil Parker 
Anne Eastman   Andrew Hill   Maurice Kime   
Marilyn Buxton   Kenneth Parkinson   Terry Critchlow   Leader:
Susan Nolan K Rawson   Colin Booth (JL)  F R Mason 
Valerie Maxey   Neil Hassel   Julian McIntosh  R Booth 
 Michael Ash   John Durham   Graham Renshaw   
K Harrop   Mike Robinson   Peter Whalley   

The weather was bad, with much cloud on Kinder, when we arrived at Edale. Looked in at the information hut and had a chat with Tom Tomlinson, who asked that an eye be kept on several youngsters taking part in the D of E Award scheme.

Set course through Edale, over the log bridge and straight up to Ringing Roger. This was a hard scramble and several youngsters found it very hard going. Before reaching the top we encountered rain and, on breasting the ridge, gale force winds ripped at us and the rain became very heavy. We battled along the rocky edge towards Grindsbrook Head in thick cloud with visibility down to a few yards.

WW1963-008 An image from 1963
WW1963-008 An image from 1963

Shortly before Grindsbrook Head the cloud started to break up and some fine views were obtained of the valley though holes in the cloud - it was most dramatic. Viewed from above, with masses of cloud scudding by, the gorge at Grindsbrook Head looked grim, forbidding, but magnificent.

A halt was made for lunch at the Head of Grindsbrook. After lunch there was some trouble with litter and new members - this is one of our most difficult tasks; to impress on members an anti-litter outlook.

The weather had improved greatly and we roamed on towards Kinder Downfall in good spirits. Sticky bog was extensive and much fun was enjoyed in finding our way across.

Eventually reached Kinder Brook well above the ‘Gates' and wended our way downstream towards the Downfall - the stream was quite well filled. Contemplated a scramble down to Kinder Brook below the Downfall, but examination of some of the footwear vetoed this idea.

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