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Walks in 1971 - 1972

As these walks from the "Name Book" include very few other notes or details they have been grouped together for convenience and page size.

There are only a couple of photos from this period so pictures from other years have been included just for interest and to break up the text.

Sunday 3rd January 1971: RA + MR Club*

(Ramblers Association and Marple Rambling Club*)

W & W members (Willows and Woodville) Chris Gorman, Graham Booth.

Edale, Grindslow Knoll, Kinder Brook, Downfall, Sandy Heys, NW from Kinder reservoir, Nob Brow, Hayfield. Fine weather, snow on ground, almost no wind - excellent. 24 in party altogether - tiring thru' snow drifts.

WW1971-001 Kinder Downfall
WW1971-001 Kinder Downfall

Saturday 30th January 1971 – Glossop Circular


FR Mason  S Houghton  T Jackson  D Croft 
R Booth   P Bower   M Pemberton   R Bancroft 
TG   S Millard   J Massey   C Gilbert 
SG   H Andrew   C Ireland   P Pimlott 

(above names in a different handwriting and difficult to read)

Glossop - Mossylee, Spring Cabin, Shelf Benches, on rocks and in caves. Fernee Hall, The Pike, bit up right side of clough, then dropped to stream and scrambled nearly down to boundary wall. Good fun. Some 1st years tended to push on too fast. C Gilbert can't stand height.

Cold easterly wind, cloud at 1700ft, slight snow - sleet lower down. Had good fun. Must watch some of the sproggs - think they're too clever.

Saturday 27th February 1971 – Alport Bridge – Glossop


S Everett  P B  A & S Hayes   Jean Hazeltime 
D Sanders   R Bancroft   R Simon   Judith Wright 
S G  Colin Ireland   S Houghton   Pam Goodwin 
Mark Pemberton   David Croft   Margaret Houghton   Susan Cowley 
G Williamson   I Manley   Phil Watson   Gavin Andrew 
Gary Siddall   S Millard   Robert Finch   F R Mason 
I Caraher  Peter Pimlott    Jackie Priest   R Booth 

(Fare listed against each name was 12 ½ p for pupils, and 25p for the two leaders. NB: decimalisation was introduced on 15/02/1971)

Those named above (29) - bus to Alport Bridge, Alport Valley to Alport Low, Crooked Clough - Self Brook - Glossop. Cloud 2,500. Wind easterly Force 3; vis 2 miles. Slight snow in the afternoon.

A few poor soles - one plain leather army boot. Good day - plenty of scrambling fun. Good to have a fair number of girls.

WW1971-002 Towards the Downfall
WW1971-002 Towards the Downfall

Saturday 27th March 1971 – Millers Dale Circular


Gary Siddall  Mark Pemberton  Sandra Williamson  Peter Booth 
David Croft   Colin Ireland   Wendy Coram   John Roberts 
Trevor Jackson   Stella Hughes   Pam Goodwin   F R Mason 
Robin Bancroft   Julie Hughes   Paul Hindle   R Booth 
Simon Renouprez   Peter Pimlott   David Davenport   
Brenda Sutcliffe   Gordon Williamson   Chris Gorman    

(the fare against each name is 35p)

Bus to Litton Mill, thru' to ....... Mill, on over bridge into Monsal Dale (Hd & family met us). Had lunch at weir. Continued along Monsal, over A6 - Dim Dale, Taddington, Chelmorton, A6 - nice bit just before A6. Chee Dale to Millers Dale.

Beautiful day, 5/10 cloud, bright sun, mild wind, warm. s/c about 10.45, arrived Millers Dale stn about 1800hrs. Smith's bus.


Sunday 18th April 1971 - Woodhead to Glossop

Combined RA (Ramblers Association), MRC (Marple Rambling Club) and WWC (Willows and Woodville Club) walk.

Woodhead, Middle Black Clough, Bleaklow Stones - stakes, to Bleaklow Head and Wain Stones, Downton Clough, Pike, Ferny Hole, Shelf Benches, Spring Cabin, Mossy Lee, Glossop. Twenty one members altogether.

WWC  Bev Stubbs   John Woodward   Trev Wild 
  Stephen Grainger   FR Mason   R Booth 

(fares for pupils: 3/-, and for adults 10/-)

Weather coldish. Vis 10-15 mls. Cloud 10/10 at 3000ft, decreasing to 4-5/10 at 5000ft. WV N Westerly, Force 4-5.

No litter noted - nothing to report except 1 man with no map or compass asked way to Snake Road. Seen 45, including own group. 2 Warden patrols.

WW1970-004 Ron Booth & Frank Mason - Cown Edge way-marking
WW1970-004 Ron Booth & Frank Mason - Cown Edge way-marking

Saturday 1st May 1971 – Greenfield to Hollybank Quarry

Route: Greenfield, Ashway Gap - along north-west side of reservoir, across dam. Dean Rocks towards Featherbed Moss then North to Ashway Stones and Raven Stone Brow. Birchen Clough, Long Clough. Nr Braddslate, Laddow Rocks, Robes Clough, Arnfield Brook, Tintwistle Moor, Hollybank Quarry.

Vis 10-12 miles. Cloud 10/10, 5,000' decreasing to nil. Wind NE Force 5 decreasing to Force 2-3.

14 children with 4 leaders, in two groups. 1 unsuitable shoes. Some glass on clean rocks - buried. (fares were 25p)

Sunday 15th May 1971 – RA walk. Hope – Hayfield


Sandra Williamson   Peter Pimlott   Stephen Grainger   FR Mason 
Gordon Williamson   Tim Grundy   Brenda Sutcliffe   R Booth 
Elizabeth Williamson   Simon Robbins   S Rainer   

Weather: Wind SWly, Force 4-5. Vis 15-20 miles. Cloud 9/10 varying, generally improving to 7-8/10. Some showers - one of hail.

Route: Hope, Lose Hall, Back Tor, Mam Tor, Rushup Edge, Roise, South Head, Mt Famine, Hayfield. Party included few MRC members and about 20 RA. Very successful. Stephen Grainger and self missed the bus.

WW1970-005 Ron & Frank on way-marking Cown Edge - Sept 1970
WW1970-005 Ron & Frank on way-marking Cown Edge - Sept 1970

Friday 28th May 1971 - Working Party

SP (signpost) Working Party. Stephen Everett, John Woodward.

Saturday 3rd July 1971 – Hayfield Circular


TF Mason   David Parker   Tim Grundy   Sandra Williamson 
FR Mason   Colin Ireland   Tony Hurley   Eliz' Williamson 
PR Fisher  Steve Grainger   Gordon Williamson  Simon Robbins 

Hayfield, Kinder Reservoir, Nab Brow - down Horrible Hill, round to Mermaid Pool, to Downfall - across to near Fairbrook Naze, along edge, to William Clough, to Kinder Reservoir Water works, Hayfield.

Vis - 8 miles increasing 15-20. Cloud 10/10 light cloud at 2500, decreasing to nil.
Wind: SE-ly, Force 4

People seen - 36 - mainly youngsters with leaders. Good view of curlews near Mermaid Pool.

Monday 26th July 1971 – Geology Trip to Teesdale


David Stokes   John Roberts   Peter Reynolds   Julie Ackroyd 
Gordon Williamson   Trevor Wild   Wendy Ca...   Helen Richardson 
Nigel Mills   John Woodward   Susan Cowley   Julie Andrew 
Robin Bancroft   Richard Bache   Stella Hughes   Jack Daniels (MH)
David Sanders   Trevor Jackson   Tim Grundy   Julie Broderick 
Stephen Grainger   Tony Coram   Nigel Downes   Chris Whelon 
David Croft   Simon Robbins   Hazel Hind   Jill Bradley 
David Thorpey   Sandra Williamson   Beverley Atherton   Jane Sanders 
Simon Renauprez   S Clark   Karen Mills   Paul Jackson 

Mr M (Mason), Mr W (Weedall ?), Mr F (Fisher ?) (The fare for this trip was 50p)

WW1959-001 ? near Mad Woman Rock
WW1959-001 ? near Mad Woman Rock

Saturday 17th September 1971 – Dove Dale Journey


Chris Barwell   Tim Grundy   Lynne Reynolds   Mark Pemberton 
Anthony Wild   Tony Dolman   Jeremy Andrew   Robin Bancroft 
Peter Dawson   Peter Thorpius   Andrew Bramhall   Dennis Jaques 
Stephen Houghton   Simon Heys   Mike Herod   Ian Caraher 
Vincent Mullin   Andrew Heys   Robert Odgen   John Houghton 
Stephen Togue  Howard Vaughan   Kevin Bradley   Gordon Williamson 
Sean Unsworth   Colin Fowler   Malcolm Garrett   Russell Cocksey 
Nigel Raynor   David Seddon   David Croft   Trevor Jackson 
David Sanders   Paul Bootham   Clinton Barnard   Susan Hatch 
Stephen Grainger   Gary Mullin   Peter Pimlott   Bev Atherton 
Jane Sanders   H Bolger   Jac' Massey   Pauline Reynolds 
Judith Ward   Nicola Schofield  Adrian Lamb   Philip Jackson 
Phil Watson   Alistair Stewart   June Hazeldene   

Mr Booth, FR Mason, LM Mason (no further details. The fare paid was 25p)

Saturday 2nd October 1971 - Snowdonia Rally


Nigel Raynor   Chris Burrow   Sean Unsworth   Dave Thorpey 
Michael Hardman   Peter Thorpius   Sue Connor   Elaine Duckworth 
David Stokes   Anthony Maxwell   David Sandy   Leslie Shaw 
Nicholas Thomas   Jackie Maxey   Steve Togue   
Tony Wild   Peta Reynold   Phil Jackson   Mr T Barton 
Barry Duffy   Susan Robb   Gary Braxter   Mr J Mulligan 
David Legg   Adrian Lambe   Russell Corkley   Mr R Booth 
Peter Dawson   Paul Hindle  Jackie Holme   Mrs M Booth
Adrian Isherwood   Tony Dolman   Sue Hatch   Mr FR Mason
Patrick Burrow   Howard Vaughan   Phyl Watty   Mrs L Mason  
      Mr Vaughan 
      Mrs Vaughan 

(No more details given)

WW1959-002 Caption required
WW1959-002 Caption required

Saturday 23rd October 1971 – Hayfield Circular


Tim Grundy  Graham Finch  Chris Barwell  Russell Cocksey  
Stephen Grainger   Gary Siddall   Dave Sandy   Paul Hindle 
Sean Jenner   Gary Mullin   Jackie Holme   Chris Gorman 
Roger Dutton   Peter Dawson   Sue Connor   FR Mason 
Peter Thorpius   Gordon Williamson   Jackie Maxey   R Booth 
Peter Pimlott   Phil Jackson   Mick Watson   

Out from Hayfield, along Kinder Road toward Water Works, but diverted up lane, Kinder Low. End. Edale Rocks, Pym Chair, Red Brook, Downfall, Sandy Heys, Reservoir, Hayfield. Very good weather. Gordon Williamson left the party. Ron, Chris, Tim and Stephen did whole day search. Found him at bus station. Gordon a menace. Otherwise pleasant day.

Saturday 20th November 1971 Hayfield Circular


Sandra Williamson   Jackie Maxey   John Capper   FR Mason 
Gordon Williamson  Nicolla Schofield   Peter Dawson   R Booth 
Tony Dolman   Paul Oldham   Robin Boncroft   
Martin Flint   Dennis Jaques   Gary Siddall   
Pete Thorpe   Keith Ackerhead   David Croft   

(no further details given)

WW1959-004 Between Roman Road and Mad Woman
WW1959-004 Between Roman Road and Mad Woman

Saturday 27th November 1971


Sue Connor  Jackie Holme   Paul Oldham   Michael Fox
Sue Hotch   Helen Bolger   David Sandy   Gary Thelwall 
Mick Watson   Tim Grundy   Kevin Bradley   Anthony Maxwell 
Jackie Maxey   Stephen Grainger   Mark Henderson   Colin Fowler 
Judith Ward   Pete Thorpius   David Croft   Russell Cocksey 
Sue Robb   John Copper   Robin Bancroft   

(no more details given)

Saturday 22nd January 1972 – Glossop Circular


Susan Connor   FR Mason 
Jacqueline Holme   R Booth 
Howard Vaughan   Mr Vaughan 
Gordon Williamson   

Glossop. New Access Path. Dog Rock. Across Yellow Slacks. The Pike - on course to Higher Shelf Stones. Crooked Clough. FP to Old Woman, Doctors Gate path to Glossop.

Fog on hills. Vis 50-100 yds; below cloud 1-2 miles. Wind SW, Force 3. Slight occasional rain. Started 1000 hrs. Completed 1700.

A pleasant day - girls had inappropriate footwear - did not note instructions. They are getting boots and rucksacks soon.

WW1960-001 Old log bridge at Edale
WW1960-001 Old log bridge at Edale

National Park Day – Stockport

(no date given)

David Stokes   Susan Unsworth   Russell Cocksey   David Thorpe 
Gary Murphy   Eric Walker   Gordon Williamson   David Sandy 
Chris Barwell   Michael Herod   Stephen Grainger   Peter Dawson 
Steven Togue   Peter Pimlott   Robin Bancroft   Jackie Holme 
Alistair Stewart   Stephen Poole   Mark Pemberton   Sue Connor 

(no further details given)

March 1972 - Edale to Hayfield

Edale - Grindsbrook - Downfall - Mermaid Pool - Hayfield

Robin Bancroft   Jackie Maxey   Jill Bradley  David Kenyon 
Stephen Grainger   Jackie Holm   Sue Robb   Andrew Watson  
D Saunders   Sue Hatch   Peter Pymlott   Phil Watson 
Sue Connor   Jane Saunders   Tim Grundy   Tony Dolman 
Mick Watson   Maggie    Adrian Lomme R Booth 
Terry Talbot   Mick Hough   Nig' Raynor   FR Mason 
      LM Mason

(the fare was 15p. No further details given)

WW1960-003 Top of Grindsbrook
WW1960-003 Top of Grindsbrook

Saturday 22nd April 1972. Lathhill Dale – Millers Dale


Peter Pymlott   Nicolla Schofield   Stephen Grainger   FR Mason 
Howard Vaughan   Judith Ward   Ian Booth  LM Mason 
Susan Connor   Susan Robb   Martin Flint   R Booth 
Jackie Holme   Pauline Reynold   Mrs Vaughan   
Peter Reynolds   Mick Watson      

(the fare paid was 50p. No further details given)

Sunday 17th September 1972 Buxton – Whaley Bridge


Peter Atkins   Paul Oldham   Nigel Bates   Stephanie McFall 
Tim Grundy   Ian Booth  Paul Yarwood   Andrew Watson 
Paul Beetham   Robert Howie   Andrew Hey   Sandy Sanders 
Simon Heys   David Hughes   Lindsey Axon   Graham Smith 
Peter Dawson   Maureen Hughes   Sue Conner   Gordon Williamson 
Kevin Brooke   Rodney Whitworth   Jackie Holme  Peter Pymlott 
Gary Siddall   Stephen Ellis   Mick Watson   Mrs Vaughan 
John Copper   David Moss   Howard Vaughan   FR Mason 
Nicolla Schofield   Judith Wright   Julie Green   R Booth 
Jean Laidlow   Peter Cowley   Phillippa Shasrin   

De-bussed about 1½ m out of Buxton on the Leek Road.

No details of walks after this date have been found.

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