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Walks in 1969 - 1970

As these walks from the "Name Book" include very few other notes or details they have been grouped together for convenience and page size.

Photos are from these years but often cannot be matched to specific walks.

29th March 1969, Edale – Hayfield (bus)

(the bus fare recorded against each name is 3/- for children and 5/- for adults (that is, 15p and 25p). The listed names are:

Dan McGookin  Graham Davenport   Peter Booth   Tony Mason 
Chris Gorman   Trevor Wild   Mary Boothroyd   Mr Mason 
Dave Stafford   Geoffrey Durham   Hilary Andrew   Mr Booth 
Andrew Howie   Kevin Suffell   Julie Flunder   
John Woodward   Noel Flunder     

W1969-003 Amblerbridge working party 22/5/1969
W1969-003 Amblerbridge working party 22/5/1969

Working Party – Easter 1969, Shelf Brook Bridge

Update provided by Ann Papageorgiou 31 January 2021:
On Easter weekend 1969 (Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th April) some 17 pupils from The Willows Seconday Modern School on Hibbert Lane, Marple, helped with the construction of Shelf Brook Bridge, on Doctor’s Gate above Glossop. Members of the Ramblers Association and the Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (PNFS) were also involved.

Pupils from The Willows who helped were:

Phil McFall   Graham Booth   David Taylor   Beverley Stubbs 
Ian Ellison  Phil Woodhouse   Steven Hurley   Ian Exley 
Terry Linton   Ben Wayling   Andrew Howie   
Dan McGookin   Jeremy Clifford  Mary Boothroyd   
John Woodward   Stephen Ward   Hilary Andrew 

A fascinating piece of cine film taken of this event by Frank (‘Pop’) Mason is now available too:

Recently David Morton from the PNFS viewed the cine film and would be very interested to learn more about that weekend. He asked if any of those named above could contact him so that he could add a first hand account of the construction of that original 1969 bridge to the history of the Shelf Brook Bridge (also known as Ambler Memorial Bridge).

A recent picture of the bridge and its history can be seen on the PNFS webs site.

David can be contacted via the ‘Contact us’ link or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are one of those who helped that 1969 Easter weekend, your grandchildren might just be amazed at the risks that were allowed!

WW1969-001 Amblerbridge working party 28/6/1969
WW1969-001 Amblerbridge working party 28/6/1969

Saturday 20th September 1969 – Edale Cross Job

Andrew Howie  Paul Ellison  Phil Stafford  Mr R Booth  
Leslie Fader   Trevor Wild   Ian Finlay   FR Mason 
Ian Exley  Peter Jones   Noel Flunder   
Eric O'Neil   Nicholas Gorman   Paul Andrew   
John Woodward   Chris Gorman      

(There are nine additional surnames in a different writing)
Higginbotham, Proctor, Hughes, Alexander, Sanders, Jackson, Ward, Walker, Burgess.

WW1969-004 Doctors Gate path 28/06/1969
WW1969-004 Doctors Gate path 28/06/1969

Sunday 27th September 1969; RA Rally

(Rambler's Association)

31 names are listed, and the fare was 7/6 - but there is not indication where this rally took place.

Saturday 11th April 1970: Glossop Circular

Miss Gillian Wright   Alistair McIvor   Catherine Beard   David Parker 
Mr F R Mason   Trevor Wild   Alison Wilson   Paul Beetham 
Mr R Booth   John Woodward   Jonathan Thorpe  Christine Barlow 
Graham Booth   Nigel Mills   David Thorpe   Kevin Suffell 
Peter Booth   Judith Wright   Stephen Granger   Angela Coffey

WW1970-001 Gordale - July 1970
WW1970-001 Gordale - July 1970

Sunday 26th April 1970: Edale – Fairbrook Naze – Hayfield

F R Mason  Laura Booth   Andrew Howie   Stephen Grainger 
Ron Booth   Graham Booth   Tim Grundy   Kevin Suffell 
Mick Warwick   Dave Stafford  Noel Flunder   
Gillian Wright   Dan McGookin   Gary Townley   

WW1970-002 Gordale - July 1970
WW1970-002 Gordale - July 1970

Monday 21st December 1970 - Hayfield Circular

Hayfield Reservoir, Kinder Low End (Cavern), Kinder Low - edge - drop to path out of icy wind, 3 knolls, Redbrook, Downfall - down Downfall, traverse to Mermaids Pool, Kinder Reservoir - Hayfield (alongside reservoir)

FR Mason  Bill Grundy   Tim Grundy   Stephen Grainger 
Trev' Wild   Dan McGookin   Andrew Mason   David Sanders 

Excellent weather. WV NNE Force 3. No cloud most of the day, vis 5-7 mls

WW1970-003 ? on Kinder - processed July 1970
WW1970-003 ? on Kinder - processed July 1970

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