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4th September 1968 - Footpath inspection south of Macclesfield

(The following names appear in the ‘name book' for Saturday 7th September 1968 under the heading of ‘Macclesfield' and ‘Rising Sun' - it probably refer to the above walk).

Dave Stafford  Dan McGookin  Alan Burrell   Beverley Stubbs 
Chris Gorman   Julie Flunder   Susan Barker   Mary Boothroyd
Dave Taylor   Mike Warburton   Trevor Wild   Keith Mullen 
John Mycock   Mike Hartley   John Roberts(?)   Andrew Banwell 
Rex Woolley   Phil McFall   Hilary Andrew   Ron Booth 
      F R Mason

(Addresses and phone numbers were listed alongside the above names)

This inspection was arranged by Arnold O'Brien for the RA. Our contingent would normally have been much larger but, as the event occurred right at the end of the summer holiday, it was difficult to contact many members. However half the members of the whole group were from our club.

We met the bus at Hazel Grove and, after a pleasant little ride, we disembarked at SJ956672. From this point we walked along the road, thru' Wincle, almost to Dane Bridge. Here we left the road and dropped down to the river bank.

The bank was followed (roughly) along a fairly well-defined path as far as the FB (foot bridge) near Gighall - there was one stop on the way, when we stopped for ‘elevenses', a play around, and to study the map. From Gighall we climbed up the hill, still on a clear path, and then across fields to Hannel - near here we stopped for lunch. The weather was fair and improving.

The field paths were difficult to find - in fact we had to make our way by compass and siting on the next stile. Crossing the road below Hannel we passed the overgrown lake, thru' woods and then across more fields, where the path could not be seen ‘on the ground', to Hillylees.

WW1962-027 an image from 1962
WW1962-027 an image from 1962

We spent some time around Hillylees endeavouring to find the stile, or any sign of one, to the path as shown on the map. Obviously, by the nature of the ground, there is no stile there and one must conclude that the path, as shown, is incorrect. After enquiry we found the start of this path at a gate SJ972642 - this seemed more realistic, as the way curved round a field boundary to join the line shown on the map.

However, the path was ill-defined and we found our way to Turner's Pool largely ‘by guess and by God'. Again from Turner's Pool, the line of the path was difficult to follow and we did get ‘off course', coming out a couple of hundred yards south of the Meadows. Regaining track at the Madows we were able to follow the route correctly to Roach Grange, largely by stiles and landmarks, the path being indistinguishable on the ground.

Arriving at Roach Grange we rested awhile and then, being short of time, sorted out a ‘quick' route to our pick-up point at Rushton. Road was followed to SJ991628 - we were lucky enough to meet an ice-cream van on this bit - then a trespass was made carefully across fields to SJ985625. Then metalled track was followed to Thorneyleigh where we had some delay sorting out the correct path. Finally we found it; an interesting high-level route, fairly well defined but clearly little used by walkers.

Finally the route became metalled track and then road at about 969623. From this point the road was followed at a smart pace to Rushton, where we arrived a good bit after the arranged time.

Despite the fact that this was not a very exciting route by our usual standards, we all enjoyed it - probably due to the feeling of re-opening more or less disused paths, also the views of the Roaches as we approached Roach Hall were exciting. We intend to visit the Roaches and explore them some time soon.

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