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Saturday 16th July 1966 - Hayfield Circular

First ramble since our return from Wales, due partly to Mr Mason being unwell, and partly to other activities. Those taking part were:

Julie Flunder  Chris Gorman  Leaders: 
Mary Boothroyd   Andrew Bonwell   Tony Mason 
Chris Ridgeway     F R Mason 
Ian Ellison     R Booth 

A short and simple route was chosen from Hayfield to Hayfield Reservoir, up the Kinder Brook to the Downfall; up the side of the gorge, across the peat bogs to near Lowbrook Naze, along the Edge to William Clough, and so back to Hayfield via Nab Brow.

On the outward journey we met six scoutmasters from Birmingham on a weekend trek without their troops. Excellent and obviously capable chaps. Directed them to the Downfall and expected to meet them there later.

Our party trekked gently up the Kinder Brook to the final steep rocky part to just below the fall; here we rested a while on a level green patch. Having rested for a while we then climbed up the side by our usual wriggly route - the recent rock fall has not blocked the route or made it more dangerous.

WW1964-018 an image from 1964
WW1964-018 an image from 1964

Some of the youngsters had a little difficulty on the first ledge which slopes outwards and was covered with loose coarse sand or small gravel. Mr Mason went up first and gave a hand to the smaller ones - Chris Ridgeway, in his heavy clumsy manner, had a good try at pulling Mr M' off the ledge. The youngsters enjoyed the climb and scramble round ledges, over and under rocks to the top; here we stopped for lunch. Just after starting lunch Tony joined us - he had come by the top route.

After lunch we headed northwards across the bogs to the Edge, and then followed the Edge to the head of William Clough - had some fun climbing on the rocks on this leg. We dropped at an angle down to William Clough, descending the rocky part instead of the longer path route.

Apart from our group of scoutmasters we had only seen two other folk close enough to exchange greetings - one at the Downfall and one on the Edge. We did see a few other groups at a distance, and several folk near the Downfall.

WW1964-030 an image from 1964
WW1964-030 an image from 1964

While resting at Nab Brow a very clean party of ladies and gentlemen came by heading for the Downfall (ten in number). They were properly shod and clothed but looked just too clean and neat for the job; appeared to be well led by a young lady of about 23/24.

We remarked on the extensive damage to the wall at Nab Brow - some forty feet has been completely destroyed and the stones, presumably, rolled down the hill towards the reservoir. Holes have been made in other parts of the wall at several places. Broken glass and other litter was noticed on the track from Hayfield towards the Shooting Cabin - some of the glass we buried. As usual there were masses of tins and other rubbish at the Downfall.

A successful and exciting ramble. Noted that Chris Ridgeway, Ian Ellison and Chris Gorman have a tendency to confuse friendliness and insolence.

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