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Sunday 8th November 1958 - Grindsbrook

In order to give a chance for those youngsters who are normally employed on other duties on a Saturday, it was decided to arrange a ramble for a Sunday.

Between twenty and thirty children assembled to join the train for Edale. The weather forecast had been rather unpromising, threatening low cloud, rain, and mist on high ground, and certainly this seemed correct as the party headed up Grindsbrook, with a slight drizzle falling and a cloud base at about 1,500 - 1,800 ft.

At a position about 1¼ miles from Edale village the path was forsaken and a course taken 340 directly up the slope of the mountain towards the flattish top. This was a stiff climb and took some time, especially as Ruth Burrell had joined the group - and Ruth is a young lady who is not really designed for speed or sustained effort.

WW1960-004 At Kinder Downfall
WW1960-004 At Kinder Downfall (from another walk)

As we climbed the cloud lifted a little, but the peat bog on the plateau was still in cloud when we reached it, with the consequent necessity for constant checks on course. The peat bog was not as bad as on some parts of Kinder and quite good progress was made despite some delays in persuading Ruth to cross the numerous channels.

At about 12.30 the cloud lifted and cleared just as we approached the cliff edge to enjoy an excellent view of Lady Clough and Ashop Clough - a stop for lunch was made here. The stop was short as a keen wind was blowing. After lunch the rocky edge of the plateau was followed for about four-five miles to near the summit of Williams Clough. This was a very pleasant scramble with much of interest in the way of strange rock formation and pleasant views in the wintery sunshine.

Ruth's lack of fitness became most apparent on this section and her slowness was a constant source of worry and delay. Frank Kirk was a great help in looking after the front end of the party, while Mr Mason (the only leader on this day) coaxed the stragglers along, and made all effort to induce Ruth to move a little faster.

WW1960-003 Top of Grindsbrook
WW1960-003 Top of Grindsbrook (from another walk)

The party clambered down a rocky slope from the Kinder plateau and joined William Clough about ¾ mile from the reservoir. From there the usual route was followed to Hayfield, which place we reached about an hour later than planned and had some time to wait for a train.

A few parents, not understanding or appreciating the odd difficulties that can occur on these rough country rambles, showed a little displeasure at our late return, but were easily placated. This route is considered to be one of the most interesting so far explored. There were no mishaps or incidents, apart from the very slow progress - there were, however, repercussions from the Sunday school teachers and parents who felt that I was trying to undermine the religious education and devotions of the children. The situation has been explained to these folk and mutual goodwill is maintained.

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