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Saturday 12th September 1964 - Seal Rocks

With the start of a new school year I will make another effort to maintain a written record of our rambling activities.

Mr F R Mason Mr Booth Bulksas
Tony Mason   Terry Allen   Eric Crossley 
Ian Pollock  Seddon  Kevin James 
Neal Robinson   Graham Renshaw   Michael Robinson 
Julian McIntosh   Janice Howard   Christine Robinson 
Sandra Mills & friend   Terry Burke   Ryan 
Gillian Booth   Carol Ingham   J Birk 
Colin Booth  Ann Eastman   Philip Davies 
Laura Booth   Chris Ridgway   (This list not in F Mason's writing) 

The members listed assembled at Marple Station at about 9am to catch the 9.20 train to Edale. Route from Edale, part way up Grindsbrook, then sharp right up a clough and over the ridge to Seal Rocks. Then along Seal Edge, The Edge and Kinder Edge to the head of William Clough. Then into Hayfield via William Clough and near Kinder Reservoir.

WW1964-016 Leaving Edale for Grindsbrook
WW1964-016 Leaving Edale for Grindsbrook

The weather was excellent - the first time we've had good weather on this route. Had good fun on the many rocks and enjoyed wide views.

Found a 12.5mm machine gun round near head of William Clough - disposed of it in the bogs. A good ramble; took several photographs.

Sandra split her slacks from top to bottom. Sewed them up with a collection of safety pins. Had to hurry a few of the stragglers in order to catch the 4.13 train from Hayfield to Marple.

There are more photos from this trip below:

WW1964-017 Grindsbrook to Seal RocksWW1964-017 Grindsbrook to Seal Rocks

WW1964-018 A group photoWW1964-018 A group photo

WW1964-019 Caption requiredWW1964-019 Caption required

WW1964-020 Seal RocksWW1964-020 Seal Rocks

WW1964-021 Seal RocksWW1964-021 Seal Rocks

WW1964-022 Caption requiredWW1964-022 Caption required

WW1964-023 Seal EdgeWW1964-023 Seal Edge

WW1964-024 Caption requiredWW1964-024 Caption required

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