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Other Walks 1962

Sometimes Frank Mason's notes for a walk are very short and there is not enough information to create a full web page. The notes for these walks in 1962 are combined together in this single article.

March 1962 - Edale to Hayfield

About twenty folk assembled for the walk from Edale, up Crowden Brook to Crowden Towers, then over the Woolpacks to Edale Cross, over the moorland stretch to South Head, Mount Famine and so to Hayfield. Weather was fine and sunny, giving fine views over the surrounding country. The walk was quite straightforward with no untoward incidents and nothing particularly memorable, apart from the general excellence of the weather and the pleasure of the walk.

(written 14/6/62)

WW1961-012 At Crowden Brook
WW1961-012 At Crowden Brook

April 1962 - Chee Dale

On this occasion it was decided to re-visit Chee Dale in the hope of seeing this beautiful dale at its spring best. Unfortunately, spring being rather late this year, there was little sign of green on the trees and, as there was a strong cold wind blowing, the appearance of the dale was still quite wintery.

The route chosen from Buxton was over field paths and through woods, on the west side of the A6 road, as far as Cow Dale. Descent was made into Cow Dale which was then followed for a mile or two to the A6 road. Lunch was eaten during a halt on this stretch, but little time was spent resting owing to the very cold wind - but time was found for a little scrambling and a peep into one or two caves.

WW1962-003 In Cheedale, spring 1962
WW1962-003 In Cheedale, spring 1962

In the shelter of Chee Dale and screened from the cold wind, conditions were more spring-like and we were able to loiter and play in the pleasant sunshine. There was rather more water in the river than on our last visit - this made the passage of the stepping stones more fun.

We arrived at Millers Dale in ample time to catch the 5.33pm train for Marple.

May 1962 - Edale to The Edge

(a Sunday walk)

This walk, the last before the annual holiday (in Wales this year), attracted about twenty members. The route was from Edale, up Grindsbrook, across the plateau to The Edge, which was then followed to above the head of William Clough. Here a descent was made down the steep face, and the usual path followed by the reservoir to Hayfield.

WW1962-019 On Seal Edge, Spring 1962
WW1962-019 On Seal Edge, Spring 1962

The weather was not very kind - although no rain fell, the sky was overcast and haze reduced visibility to a few miles, and thus the wide sunlit views that make this long route worthwhile were not to be enjoyed on this occasion. However the walk was enjoyable and those interested were able to indulge in a little elementary rock climbing.

Good time was made to catch the 4.30pm train from Hayfield to Marple. In the later stages the weather improved and a little sunshine was enjoyed.

The poor attendance on walks by those joining the School Holiday Group this year is deplored.

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