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10th April 1958 - Kinder Scout

The same route was chosen for this expedition as for the previous one - the hope being that the weather would be kind and allow the wide views to be enjoyed. Again the party exceeded 30 children, and was led by Mr and Mrs Mason and Miss Wood.

A slight change was made in the approach to the Kinder plateau enabling much of the worst peat bog to be avoided, and also giving a more interesting ramble to the top.

Again the same group that had caused trouble on the last walk, forged ahead rapidly, apparently unable to enjoy the surroundings, but being critical of the slowness of others. It was noteworthy that these "tough members" were tired by the time Carr Meadow was reached and wanted to divert to Hayfield and return to Marple by train. They were restrained from this by Miss Wood.

WW1960-014 In Dry Dales
WW1960-014 In Dry Dales (from another walk)

All the slower members ambled on steadily, enjoying themselves and not complaining. The occurrence of blisters requiring dressings was much fewer on this walk, although it was noted that a number of children were still not suitably shod.

A very successful walk. In general it was noted that the slower walkers seem to get more pleasure from the walk, and to have greater staying power than the speed merchants who are full of vigour at the start.

There were one or two cases of bad country behaviour - particularly by Frank Kirk and Tony North, who deemed it a good thing to scribe their names in large letters on a rock in Grindsbrook. The litter problem is still with us - Christine Crabtree smashed a bottle into a brook and was sharply reproved.

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